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It’s time to level the flying field. Help enforce Open Skies trade agreements and protect American jobs.

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Emirates Airline. Etihad Airways. Qatar Airways. These three airlines, also known as the Gulf Carriers, are state owned enterprises that are subsidized by their countries’ governments. This means that they have a constant flow of money, and they can set ticket prices as low as they want.

So while the Gulf Carriers are quickly expanding international services, U.S. airlines can’t compete with their unreasonably low prices and are having to stop flights to international destinations. Even though the Gulf Carriers are based in countries a fraction of the size of the U.S. and China, they have more than twice as many wide-body aircraft on order as both countries combined. The numbers just don’t add up. These are direct violations of the Open Skies Agreements—violations that are causing U.S. carriers to lose international routes and American people to lose jobs. The future of U.S. aviation is at stake, and it’s time to speak up and protect it.

Playing Fair

Just the facts

The future of U.S. aviation is affected in more ways than one.

  • American Jobs

    • The ME3 have the unfair advantage of their government providing them billons of dollars in subsidies.It’s putting U.S. carriers at risk of going out of business.
    • For every international route that U.S. airlines lose, 1500 Americans lose their jobs.
  • Subsidies

    • The ME3 are receiving billions of dollars because they’re subsidized by their countries’ governments.
    • Because they have large sums of money available, these three airlines don’t have to rely on profit.

See Delta in motion

Delta has already taken action by partnering with United Airlines and American Airlines to call on the President of the United States and Congress to enforce the Open Skies Agreements. On March 16, 2017, all three airlines came together to send an open letter to President Trump, urging him to take notice and intervene. In addition to reaching out to the president, Delta employees have been storming the offices of House and Senate members, pressing them to tackle the unfair subsidies given to the Gulf Carriers. Every voice counts, so continue to tweet, message and send emails. With over 80,000 employees, Delta stands to be noticed.